The sturgeon is one of the most ancient freshwater fish alive today. It evolved approximately 200 million years ago during the Jurassic period, reason why it is often referred to as “sea dinosaur”.

Since the mid 90’s, we have been breeding sturgeons under strict control to make sure we deliver high-quality products that may please the most discriminating palates.

Caviar is extracted after a long breeding process, once the female has reached the optimal maturity age. This is determined through a permanent monitoring of the fish in a personalized, individual manner. As a result of the persistent search for innovation, unique technology has been developed, allowing sexing the fish at a very early stage, thus enabling us to channel all our efforts into culturing female to make caviar. In the process, the meat of both the male and the female sturgeon is obtained; the male’s at the time of sexing, and the female’s when processed to extract caviar.