We aim at excellence: we offer high quality products.

There are mainly four factors that make this possible: the natural environment, the strict technical and sanitary controls under which sturgeons are bred, the use of our perfected and characteristic “recipe” to make caviar, and the traceability of the fish from the moment they are born until the caviar is served at the consumer’s table.

The Río Negro river possesses excellent properties for sturgeon breeding. The Baygorria Dam, where our plant is located, stands on basaltic soil, free of contaminants and pollution, being a completely natural area.

Our raceway system is fed directly with river water through gravity, avoiding the use of electric pumps, with a volume of flow of over 2,000 liters per second. This free-flow system, which avoids water reflow at all times, differentiates us completely from the rest of the producers as we are able to mimic the real flow of a river in our facilities, providing a real river feel for the fish, as if in the wild.

All of our products and processes have been certified and endorsed by the relevant international and local authorities: United States (HACCP), European Union (PP-34F), the Uruguayan Agency of Aquatic Resources DINARA (C-34), Brazil (DIPOA), Argentina (SENASA), Chile, Japan, and Russia, among other regions. Furthermore, all of our exports undergo strict controls by CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species), ensuring our products’ authenticity.

Besides guaranteeing the quality of our products, we seek to optimize distribution processes in order to reach any part of the world with our product in the best condition, that is to say, with the highest quality.





Management Policy

Esturiones del Río Negro S.A., the first sturgeon breeding farm and producer of the legitimate Malossol Oscietra caviar in the Southern Hemisphere, is committed to:

  • guarantee the maintenance of the innocuousness and continual improvement of the highest quality standards of sturgeon meat and caviar, as well as the efficiency of our management system;
  • prevent pollution and minimize adverse climate impact in every activity;
  • work in favor of occupational safety and health in every process;
  • comply with the legal provisions and regulations in force;
  • keep mutually beneficial links with suppliers;
  • measure customer satisfaction.